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Searches for the Public Commons & Historic Sites

Know what strings come attached to your property with registered commons and historic searches by Search Solutions. From public commons to chancel searches, we help you determine all your property requirements.

Associated Conveyancing Searches

Stay informed about all aspects when looking at a property with our conveyancing searches. We help you know what legal ramifications come from buying any particular plot of land. For example, chancel searches and historic searches can help a great deal. People are sometimes caught out by having to pay for local churches or historic buildings that need work.

Public Footpaths & Registered Commons

If the back end of your property looks onto a field, you may want to know whether a public footpath or commons area runs near there. Many people do not realise how many public footpaths there are and would be concerned to know there is public access right near their property. We help determine the right of access through commons registered searches.