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About Us

Search Solutions are a conveyancing search agent with the knowledge and expertise needed for commons, property, and local authority searches across England and Wales. Established in 2003, our family-based business has evolved into one of the largest independent operators. To allow you better to afford our services, we are always willing to discuss volume-associated discounts and projects.

Local Planning

We research everything to gain local knowledge and maintain ongoing relationships with local councils. By attending local planning meetings, we stay informed with what is going on and developing. We keep on top of local development because it is important that our local searches be fully up-to-date. Once we obtain that information, we have that knowledge available for future property searches.

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Registered & Compliant

Our firm are registered with the property code compliance board. We are members of the Independent Association of Property Search Agents (IAPSA) and affiliated to the Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO), who own the rights to the PCCB. All of our searches are supplied in accordance by the search code, which is monitored by the PCCB.

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Across the UK

Based in North Oxfordshire, we also have a camper van with a solar panel that serves as our mobile office, allowing us to travel to different counties. We visit 48 councils regularly and have covered over 100 councils. Having someone with local expertise is an advantage, since we can keep our eye on properties and know what's going on around you.